"I wish all of the carriers that deliver furniture were as good as you all! Your drivers never show up without an appointment, always have an accurate piece count, the driver calls if he is running behind or running ahead, and they assist with unloading. They literally are the best!!"
Customer in Waldorf, MD
"Your driver was on-time, helpful, and had a great attitude!"
Customer in Kansas City, MO
"Your driver was absolutely wonderful to work with: communicative, on time, pleasant to have around, and a big help to boot. Styline has a great a great driver there, and I'd be happy to have him on another one of my sites again in the future!"
Customer from the East Coast
"Your driver was on time and we appreciated his assistance and professionalism with unloading the truck!"
Indiana Customer
‘The driver that delivered to us today was professional, polite, and very helpful while unloading. It was just an all-around good delivery and I wanted to make sure he was given credit for his good work. I appreciated that he was extremely personable! Your driver and the entire Styline staff made my day!"
Iowa Customer
"The world needs more drivers like yours!"
Customer from the Midwest
"The driver that delivered to us today was polite, nice, and just a mighty fine guy and he took care of us!"
Iowa customer
"I'm very impressed with your driver! He was so good!"
Customer from Valley View, OH
"We appreciated your driver this morning! He was in an all-around great mood and was very helpful with unloading so we were able to get the pieces off in a timely manner!!
Indiana Customer
"We deal with a lot of trucking companies and Styline is always "Top Notch," your drivers are always so courteous, and the trucks seem brand new and clean. Also, the product is always packed well and received in great shape."
Customer from the Northeast
"I didn't have any help in the store and your driver went out of his way to help unload some heavy pieces and then even stuck around to help me place them in the store where I needed them placed before being unboxed! I am very happy with Styline."
Customer from New York
"One of your drivers just delivered here and was the nicest most polite driver I have ever worked with -from the call an hour before to give an ETA, all the way through to unloading the product. He was a pleasure to work with and made my day better."
Vincennes, IN Customer
"Your driver delivered a hot shipment yesterday and we were very impressed with how polite and helpful he was when unloading."
Florida Customer
"We wanted to thank your driver for going the extra mile and helping with our delivery when there was no help on hand. He showed us what Styline is all about!"
Customer in Largo, FL
"It is such a pleasure to work with your local North Carolina driver. He is always positive, happy, and he never complains! He truly just makes my day brighter!"
North Carolina customer
"I was here alone and your driver jumped right in and helped me out!"
New Hampshire Customer
"I want to compliment your driver on his driving. He kept a safe distance from the vehicles in front of him, kept a safe speed while in traffic, and was accommodating to vehicles passing him. He was a good and safe driver and can drive in Florida any time!"
Compliment from a Driver in Tampa, FL
"I was so happy with your service that I called the manufacturer to find out how to contact you to thank you and your driver. I was by myself and was unable to unload the product and your driver brought all of the furniture in by himself and was very polite!
Customer from Newville, PA